400 Grams- Hand Carved 100% Iberico Ham Shoulder Bellota ‘Pata Negra’ 100% Natural

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Hand Carved 100% Iberico Ham Shoulder Bellota ‘Pata Negra’ 100% Natural, 400 grams

from Iberico Pigs Fed with Acorns

The Iberico Ham Shoulder is the perfect choice for those looking for an intense and elegant flavoured Ham to share with loved ones. Ham Shoulders are the animal’s front legs (Jamon is the back leg) and are renowned for their delicate yet rich smokey flavours. This particular ham shoulder is the finest of all and is classified with the exclusive ‘Black Label’ and is often referred to as Pata Negra. This means that the animal is 100% Iberian Black Pig and is fully Acorn Fed. This Jamon is sourced from Guijuelo in Spain, one of the Iberian locations famed for its Jamon production.

The finest ones are cured for 24 months and that provides an exquisite and intense flavour as the meat is closer to the bone than in Jamon (Back Legs).

This product is hand carved by our cutter masters which is more convenient for many. After all, more time for eating!


FREE RANGE 100% IBERICO HAM Shoulder de BELLOTA PATA NEGRA from Guijuelo, Spain. Raised naturally in Dehesas, a unique land rich in oak trees which provides the acorns Iberico Pigs love!

Directly from the producer. This Iberico Ham Shoulder de Bellota is classified with a Black Label. 100% Natural.

Cured for 18+ months.

⭐Weight: 400 grams.

INGREDIENTS: 100% Iberico Ham Shoulder Pata Negra and Sea Salt.

⭐TASTING NOTES: Intense aroma and highly nuanced. Very delicate with the faintest hint of saltiness. A bit smoked and A TRULY UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE.

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Iberico Ham Shoulder Wholesale

Our Acorn Fed Iberico Ham Shoulder is also available as a wholesale item. So whether you own a deli, restaurant, hotel or just eat a whole-lotta Iberico Ham we can apply discounts for bulk purchases. For more information on Acorn Fed Iberico Ham Shoulder Wholesale please follow the link and get in touch.

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We are extremely passionate about Spanish Gastronomy and the flavours that originate from Spain. From the world’s finest Jamon and Iberico Ham Shoulders to Spanish Cheeses.  If you like our Iberico Ham Shoulder de Bellota, then you will love some of our other fine Spanish products available at our store. Follow the link to Buy Iberico Ham (UK), Buy Spanish Cured Meats, or our Hampers.

1 review for 400 Grams- Hand Carved 100% Iberico Ham Shoulder Bellota ‘Pata Negra’ 100% Natural

  1. Chris Reason (Bristol)

    I live part-time near Castellon in Spain, and I often buy Jamon Iberico Bellota from my local wholesale butchers, because I think I’m probably addicted to it. Anyway, using my discount coupon, I ordered one of these packs online from Black Hoof, and not only did it work out slightly cheaper, but the taste and flavour turned out to be even better than my local one. So well done Black Hoof, wheever I find myself back here in dear old Blighty I shall definitely be ordering from you again in future. Your Jamon is simply gorgeous!

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