100 Grams- Hand Carved 100% Iberico Ham Bellota ‘Pata Negra’ 36+ Months 100% Natural

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Hand Carved 100% Iberico Ham Bellota ‘Pata Negra’ 36+ Months 100% Natural, 100 grams

from Iberico Pigs Fed with Acorns

Black Label Iberico Ham, known as Pata Negra in Spanish, is the finest of all Iberico Ham. The highest standard of breeding, diet and exercise is required to match the qualification to become “Iberico De Bellota”. Due to this quality raising the meat, it has an intense, rich flavour and a delicate soft texture; this Iberico Ham melts in your mouth and the fat on the Jamon has a gentle milky texture which contrasts with the rich meat perfectly as well as being the healthiest animal fat in the world. The craft of Iberico Ham is steeped in history, tradition and love. You can really taste it in every Pata Negra.

This product is hand carved by our cutter masters which is more convenient for many. After all, more time for eating!


HAND CARVED FREE RANGE 100% IBERICO HAM de BELLOTA PATA NEGRA from Guijuelo, Spain. Raised naturally in Dehesas, a unique land rich in oak trees which provides the acorns Iberico Pigs love!

Directly from the producer. This Iberico Ham de Bellota is classified with a Black Label, THE FINEST IN THE WORLD.

Cured for 36+ months.

⭐Weight: 100 grams.

INGREDIENTS: 100% Iberico Ham Pata Negra and Sea Salt.

⭐TASTING NOTES: Intense aroma and highly nuanced with creamy and buttery texture. Very delicate with the faintest hint of saltiness. A bit smoked and A TRULY UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE. 

Free shipping to UK for orders over £80.

Jamon Iberico De Bellota Wholesale

Our Iberico Ham De Bellota is also available as a wholesale item. So whether you own a deli, restaurant, hotel or just eat a whole-lotta Iberico Ham we can apply discounts for bulk purchases. For more information on Iberico Ham De Bellota Wholesale please follow the link and get in touch.

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7 reviews for 100 Grams- Hand Carved 100% Iberico Ham Bellota ‘Pata Negra’ 36+ Months 100% Natural

  1. anita.brand (verified owner)

    Perfectly carved, deeply tasty and presented on a foil base which allowed me to serve effortlessly. Carlos was responsive to my request for advice and everything in my order arrived very fast.

  2. sue davies

    Served this up to my Spanish friends who confirmed this met with their exacting standards!
    Would recommend to others

  3. Ian (verified owner)

    Sent to my friend in London as a lockdown treat as he used to always be eating Jamon every time I called him in one of the many great restaurants in Bermondsey and he said this was definitely up to the same standard…….and it didn’t last very long at all!!

  4. Martin (verified owner)

    This Jamon is simply fabulous. Packed with such gorgeous flavour that just keeps unpacking further with every bite. Without doubt the best of its kind I’ve ever experienced.

  5. Milli Abrams (verified owner)

    Excellent! Really enjoyed this product, and will order again for sure!

  6. Orlagh (verified owner)

    Outstanding Jamon and first class customer service!
    If there were 6 stars available I would give them all. I found a recommendation for the Black Hoof online and had a small problem submitting my order. I messaged on Sunday not expecting any reply but Kevin was back to me within an hour with a solution. My Jamon was delivered within 3 days and is beyond delicious. I am reordering already- fabntastic gift idea too!

  7. Steven Coppard (verified owner)

    Having spent my teenage years living in Spain, I grew up on great tapas, yet I dislike the way most tapas restaurants in the UK treat it like a sit-down meal, instead of a bite here and a bite there.

    As such, I host an annual tapas day for 12 friends, with homemade patatas alioli, tortilla, croquettas de jamón serrano y queso manchego, boquerones fritos, ensalada de atún and a few other bits.

    For as much effort as I put into the cooking, the charcuterie board stole the show – nobody could work out why it was so different from the cheap stuff the buy in the supermarket 5 out of if 5 x 12!

    And one of them liked it so much, he is about to become a new Black Hoof customer.

    Can’t rate it highly enough, thank you 👏

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