2.5 Kg Boneless 100% Iberico Ham Shoulder Bellota Pata Negra 100% Natural

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2.5 Kg Boneless 100% Iberico Ham Shoulder Bellota Pata Negra

from Iberico Pigs Fed with Acorns and 100% Natural Curation Process

This is a Boneless Acorn Fed Iberico Ham Shoulder which has been sourced from Andalucia, Spain. The whole leg is a fantastic centrepiece or gift for a friend or loved one. It is a special occasion opening one of the finest hams in the world. The black label Ham Shoulder is produced from a pig that is 100% Iberian pig. This is the best ham shoulder in the world. Its flavours are incredible and are worthy of the Pata Negra title.

The deboned shoulder’s average weight is 2.5 Kg. The finest ones are cured for 24 months and that provides an exquisite and intense flavour as the meat is closer to the bone than in Jamon (Back Legs). A true favourite in Spanish kitchens!


FREE RANGE BONELESS 100% IBERICO HAM Shoulder de BELLOTA PATA NEGRA from Andalusia, Spain. Raised naturally in Dehesas, a unique land rich in oak trees which provides the acorns Iberico Pigs love!

Directly from the producer. This Iberico Ham Shoulder de Bellota is classified with a Black Label. 100% Natural.

Cured for 18+ months.

⭐Weight: 2.5 Kg.

⭐ INGREDIENTS: 100% Iberico Ham Shoulder and Sea Salt. 100% Natural.

⭐TASTING NOTES: Intense aroma and highly nuanced. Very delicate with the faintest hint of saltiness. A bit smoked and A TRULY UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE.

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Before you buy

Once your ham arrives, put if flat onto a chopping board and cut it in 4 pieces with a cross like cut. Wrap in cling film 3 of the pieces and keep them in the refrigerator for future use. The one at hand, trim some of the fat away and thin slice to enjoy. Keep this one at room temperature to maximize flavour. I hope this helps!

Boneless Iberico Ham Shoulder Wholesale

Our Deboned Acorn Fed Iberico Ham Shoulder is also available as a wholesale item. So whether you own a deli, restaurant, hotel or just eat a whole-lotta Iberico Ham we can apply discounts for bulk purchases. For more information on Boneless Acorn Fed Iberico Ham Shoulder Wholesale please follow the link and get in touch.

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We are extremely passionate about Spanish Gastronomy and the flavours that originate from Spain. From the world’s finest Jamon and Iberico Ham Shoulders to Spanish Cheeses.  If you like our Iberico Ham Shoulder de Bellota, then you will love some of our other fine Spanish products available at our store. Follow the link to Buy Iberico Ham (UK), Buy Spanish Cured Meats, or our Hampers.

3 reviews for 2.5 Kg Boneless 100% Iberico Ham Shoulder Bellota Pata Negra 100% Natural

  1. Mark Harding (verified owner)

    I followed the instructions to quarter the shoulder and store in fridge. I was not expecting the greasy/oily residue over the ham when removed from packaging, but washed this off and was fine.
    I think carving a quarter boneless ham is perhaps more tricky/difficult than a whole leg, as there is less to work with and stability on work top can be tricky.
    All that said, I demolished the 1st quarter in a single afternoon. The second quarter I managed to make last a weekend.The other two quarters are still in the fridge but a similar fate awaits.
    This is not the best Iberico I have eaten, but it is delicious and I would recommend. It does require a very sharp knife with good skills, as has to be carved quite thinly, but definitely worth it if you can stomach the price!
    I will purchase a different variety next time around so I can make a comparison in flavour, but would definitely buy this one again.

  2. Sue Beattie

    Absolutely brilliant product – amazing taste, easy to cut, easy to store. I bought this as I didn’t want to tackle a full leg this time. I will definitely be buying again. The package comes with a layer of soft liquid fat, which doesn’t look very nice but rinses off easily with warm water. Cut the ham into four pieces, wrapped them in cling film and stored them in the fridge. It is going to be difficult keeping away from the fridge!

  3. Annette Rudkin (verified owner)

    Great taste and texture – dark and rich. Keeping it in 4 quarters is useful advice – thank you. It’s much easier to work with a boneless shouder.

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