Whole Legs

A Fantastic Centrepiece & Gift

Here you can find the whole Iberico ham leg or shoulder for sale. This is a fantastic centrepiece and an amazing gift for one of your friends or loved one. The most popular time to buy Jamon is for special occasions like Birthdays, Christmas or to be served at a Wedding. To open the leg is somewhat of an event; it is like opening a vintage bottle of Bourdeaux or sampling the very first crumble of a newly opened Parmigiano. A celebration wouldn’t be the same without a whole leg on show.

Cutting and serving a whole Iberico ham Leg or Shoulder takes skill and time- you may prefer that we do the hard work for you. Visit our Hand Carved options!

Whole Shoulders & Iberico ham Legs for Sale

If you are looking to buy whole Iberico Ham legs & shoulders we have a selection for every taste. We have from whole Jamon De Bellota to Paleta Iberica Cebo De Campo. See all the whole legs for sale below.