Pata Negra

Pata Negra: The Finest Iberico Ham

A taste of the very best Pata Negra Iberico Ham is an easy way to change anyone’s appreciation of Spanish Cured Ham. It has an intense nutty flavour and a delicate soft texture; this Iberian melts in your mouth. The fat on the Pata Negra ham has a gentle milky texture which contrasts with the rich meat perfectly. This texture and aroma is created by the diet and long careful raising of the Iberian Pig. The craft of Iberian Ham is steeped in history, tradition and love; you can really taste it too.

‘Pata Negra’ literally translates into English as ‘Black Hoof’ which refers to the black hoof of the Black Iberian Pig. The term can also refer to all Iberico Ham, however, more correctly it refers to the Black Label or Bellota Ham. This is renowned as the finest of all. Due to the fully acorn-fed diet and exercise, the Pata Negra ham is a cured meat above the rest. 

Pata Negra Ham is more often also referred to as Bellota Ham. The Word ‘bellota’ in Spanish means ‘Acorn’ which directly refers to the Iberian pig’s diet! 

The best way to eat Pata Negra Ham is to have it on its own, make sure that the Jamon is slightly warmer than room temperature before eating. The texture should be soft and sweaty. This means that all the fat and the flavours are running freely through the ham. When the Pata Negra is like this, you will always experience the very best of Jamon.

Buy Pata Negra Ham & Bellota Ham from The Black Hoof

Pata Negra Ham is an absolutely exquisite Jamon experience and worth trying at least once. We have a handpicked selection of some of the finest Pata Negra Ham for sale which has been sourced directly from artisan producers in Spain. Carlos has been in love with Jamon for over 30 years and has first pick of the best Jamon’s each season. All of the Pata Negra Jamon that we purvey is as standard completely free-range, organic and produced from pigs with the highest standard of life; after all, that is what makes the difference in taste.

Whether you are a Jamon enthusiast or searching for the finest Jamon for Christmas, or a birthday celebration we have a huge range to choose from. Our Jamon can be purchased Hand Carved and Deboned by our cutter masters and Whole Legs sent directly from the best producers in Spain! 

  • Paleta 100 Bellota Deshuesada Caballero-min

    2.5 Kg Boneless 100% Iberico Ham Shoulder Bellota Pata Negra 100% Natural

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  • Paleta Bellota 100g 1000g-min

    1 Kg- Hand Carved 100% Iberico Ham Shoulder Bellota ‘Pata Negra’ 100% Natural

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  • Jamon Bellota 100g 1000g-min

    1 Kg- Hand Carved 100% Iberico Ham Bellota ‘Pata Negra’ 36+ Months 100% Natural

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  • Boneless Bellota Guijuelo-min

    2.2 Kg Boneless 100% Iberico Ham Shoulder Bellota Pata Negra 100% Natural

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