Paleta Iberica

The Most Appreciated Jamon: Paleta Iberica

‘Iberico Ham Shoulder’

iberico ham shoulder bellota jabugo

‘Paleta Iberica’ or Iberico Ham Shoulder is the most appreciated Jamon in the Spanish families due to its size and flavour.

Iberico Ham Shoulders are the animal’s front legs. The finest ones are cured for  36 months and that provides an exquisite and intense flavour as the meat is closer to the bone than in Iberico Ham legs. A true favourite in Spanish kitchens!

Classification of Iberico Ham Shoulders 

To be classified as ‘jamón ibérico the cured ham shoulder must be created using the Black Iberian Pig or cross-bred pigs so long as they are at least 50% ibérico. This variety of pig can only be found in the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal). There are 3 classifications of Iberico Ham Shoulder that we sell: The Green Label Paleta Iberica Cebo De Campo, the Red Label Paleta Iberica de Bellota and the Black Label Paleta Iberica De Bellota or Pata Negra– the finest of all.

What makes this delicacy so renowned is the careful preparation and special diet of the animal. This delivers the rich and complex aromas to the palate when eaten. To buy Iberico ham shoulder is a real treat.

Best Ways to Enjoy your Paleta Iberia

The taste of Iberico Ham shoulder is one that needs to be cherished, respected and only enhanced. To mask your Paleta Iberica with other flavours would only waste the hard achieved nuances in the most appreciated cured meat that comes out of Spain! If your Jamon is hand carved and vacuum packed, it is best to run the pack under some warm water before opening it. This will ensure that the meat is beautifully sweaty, all of the flavours will start to come out ready for your taste buds.

The best way to experience opening and enjoying your whole Iberico Ham Shoulder is to open it with friends and family. Cut in thin, small slices and place on a plate ready to be eaten by your guests- it is a great showpiece for a party or event.

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Iberico Ham Shoulder for Sale

We have selected a range of the best Iberico Ham Shoulders for sale which can be ordered Hand Carved by our cutter masters, Deboned or as a Whole Leg. Buy Iberico Ham Shoulder exactly how you like it!