Hand Carved

 Let our Jamon Iberico Experts do the Hard Work

Cutting a whole shoulder or Jamon takes skill, time and hard work. While a whole Jamon Iberico is an amazing, show-stopping centrepiece, for many, it is easier to purchase the ham hand carved and packaged. More time for eating!

Our selection of cured Jamon Iberico can be either Deboned or Hand Carved and packaged by our expert Jamon carvers. We have a passion to make sure that the Jamon Iberico you have received is cared for and expertly sliced- this way we can empower our customers to experience Jamon Iberico the very best way. Allow yourself to get the taste experience from the top to the bottom, near and far from the bone.

Let us do the hard work so you can indulge yourself and simply enjoy the best-cured hams in the world.

Find here a selection of our very best hand carved and deboned Jamon Iberico below.