Deboned Legs

Deboned for Your Convenience

Below you can find our selection of Whole Jamon Iberico (Iberico Ham) and Paleta Iberica (Iberico Ham Shoulder) that have been deboned and packaged by our expert carvers. Although a whole leg is a spectacular centrepiece, it takes skill and time to remove the meat from the bone.

Let us remove the bone for you so you can get the most out of your Iberico Ham!

  • Iberico Ham Shoulder Boneless Natural-min

    2.2 Kg Free Range Boneless Iberico Ham Shoulder – 100% Natural

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  • Paleta 100 Bellota Deshuesada Caballero-min

    2.5 Kg Boneless 100% Iberico Ham Shoulder Bellota Pata Negra 100% Natural

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