Iberico Ham For Christmas

Iberico Ham For Christmas

Why do Spanish People Eat Iberico Ham at Christmas?

In Spain, it is a big tradition to buy an Iberico Ham for Christmas. Just like in the UK, Christmas is time to celebrate with your loved ones and indulge in the best meal of the year. While Spain is certainly as cold as the UK, people in Spain still come together to sit by the fire or around the table, share stories and spend time with family and loved ones. This time of year is about looking after yourself and not worrying too much about what you are eating, but how good it tastes and how it warms your soul.

It Marks a Celebration

Like the UK, Christmas in Spain is about celebration, family and sharing gifts. In Spain, a Christmas celebration is marked by a leg of Jamon, just Turkey in the UK. It is bought as a treat that can be shared and enjoyed by everyone. Jamon is loved and considered a real treat around the world – if you want to share your love, a Jamon will be the ultimate gift.

Faith & Tradition

The history of Jamon is closely tied to the Christian faith. In the time when the Moors conquered Spain, Jamon was used to celebrate Christian culture and faith; because the Moors were Muslim it was seen as a sign of resistance. Hundreds of years later, the Iberico Ham for Christmas is still a firm tradition.

Sharing is Caring

Christmas has about loved ones, sharing gifts and appreciating those around you. A whole Iberico Ham leg for Christmas is the perfect thing to share amongst a large group of the family; especially hungry ones. The Jamon is traditionally thinly sliced and passed around like a little bite of pure festive bliss, or to satisfy the taste buds with a small glass of sherry.

Iberico Ham for the Office Christmas Party

Like the UK, Spain loves to celebrate Christmas at work with an office party. Quite often, the boss will buy a whole Jamon to treat their staff for the hard work over the previous year. That surely beats crisps, cold sausage rolls and a plastic cup of cola. The Jamon is thinly sliced and shared among everybody, often accompanied with some fresh bread and some Spanish cured meats like Chorizo, Salchichon (and if they are really grateful) Lomo or Lomito.

How To fit Jamon on the Table at Christmas

Jamon is the ideal centrepiece for the table at Christmas, but with everything else that is going on you may be wondering: ‘How can I fit a Whole Jamon on the Table at Christmas?’. There are other options that you can certainly consider; for instance, it may be easier to buy the Jamon already expertly hand sliced. To slice the Jamon yourself also takes some skill. The small vacuum packets are easily stored and prepared so you don’t need to worry about any spacing issues. Like in the UK, the Spanish like to eat and drink a little too much- Jamon is the ideal tastebud teaser even when you’re full.

Add a little Spanish Flair to Your Christmas

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