How Long Does Chorizo Last?

How Long Does Chorizo Last?

Depending on which type of Chorizo you buy, depends on how long the product will last. You can buy Chorizo whole or in small vacuum packed sleeves- each will last for different lengths of time. We also sell the finest cured meats which are made from the finest Jamon Iberico De Bellota or Pata Negra. A lower quality Chorizo or Salchichon may require a different storing process to keep the meat fresh.

How long does Vacuum Packed Chorizo last?how long does chorizo last - how to store chorizo - can i freeze chorizo

  • In a cool dry place

  • Refrigerate after opening

  • Do not eat cold

  • Do not freeze

If you buy sliced and/ or vacuum packed Chorizo or Salchichon, you can expect this to last for roughly 90 days before opening. Although the Chorizo will still be edible, you will be missing out on the optimal experience. The process of Vacuum packing Jamon & Chorizo helps to prevent oxygen from changing the quality of the meat while keeping the fats and flavours in the meat intact. The best way to store your vacuum packed Chorizo is in a cool dry place like a cupboard or pantry. You do not need to keep the cured meat in the fridge as the packaging will keep the meats preserved and ensure that when you eat the meat, it is beautifully succulent and all the flavours are as they should be. Although, you should refrigerate if you open the packet and want to savour the Chorizo over a few days.

Can You Freeze Chorizo?

We are often asked – Can I freeze Chorizo or other cured meats? No! It is important that you do not freeze the cured meats. The freezing process can damage the fibres of the meat and change the aromas and flavours upon tasting. If you freeze your chorizo you will most likely ruin all the flavours that have been hard-earned and created over the years of curations and production.

How long does a whole Chorizo Last?

A whole Chorizo does not last as long as the packaged version simply because it is usually more exposed to the elements. It is advised that you consume the whole chorizo sausage within a maximum of a month. By this time, the chorizo or Salchichon will dry out and become less favourable or potentially be off. If you cut the Sausage and leave it for a number of days, ensure that you cut off the top layer before eating again.

How To Store Your Chorizo

how long does chorizo last - how to store chorizo - can i freeze chorizo

The whole chorizo you may find hanging in a kitchen in Spain or wrapped up in a cupboard. Both methods are as good as each other. A top tip for preserving your Chorizo or Salchichon is to make a slit down the skin and peel this back before slicing into pieces with a thin sharp knife. This remaining skin can be folded back over the end of the Sausage to preserve the rich flavours and keep the meat from drying out. We would suggest that you either hang the chorizo in a cool and dry place or cut the sausage into sections and wrap them in clingfilm to protect them from the air. This will stop the meat drying out and you can enjoy the Chorizo and Salchichon for longer. If you prefer, you may put these sections in the fridge however, when you come to eat the Chorizo, ensure that it is at very least room temperature. If the meat is cold, you will not get the fullest flavours. Once again, we do not recommend freezing a whole sausage because it will damage the flavours.

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how long does chorizo last - how to store chorizo - can i freeze chorizo