5 Best Ways to Eat Iberico Ham?

5 Best Ways to Eat Iberico Ham?

The taste of Iberico Ham is one that needs to be cherished, respected and only enhanced. To mask your Jamon with other flavours would only waste the hard achieved nuances in the most appreciated cured meat that comes out of Spain! If you are Scottish, it is like drinking a good bottle of Talisker with Coke. You may be inclined to think it’s a bad thing, but it is the worst thing you could do with a fine scotch. Just like Jamon, there are better ways to enhance and enjoy the flavours.

Let us show you the right way to experience Iberico Ham and the best ways to enhance its flavours.

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On its Own

Especially if you are new to Iberico Ham, the best way to experience and taste the meat is to eat it without an accompaniment. Just simply as it is. The best way to taste it is to take a whole slice that is warm and sweaty. Grab everything including some muscle and fat altogether and let the nuances and textures make themselves comfortable on your taste buds. Once you are finished eating, allow yourself a second to enjoy the lingering aromas. To cleanse the palate, a fresh and fruity white wine will ready your taste buds for the next slice. To get the best raw experience you need to invest in the very best Jamon Iberico De Bellota or Paleta Iberica De Bellota– the Back Label Pata Negra!

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Steak & Iberico Ham

If you are wanting to add something a bit special to a special dinner Iberico Ham goes perfectly with a good steak. The perfect steak dinner is always up for debate, but we know this will be pretty hard to beat when you try it. Cut some potatoes into thirds, while keeping them together, cut the opposite side roughly 1cm apart to make your chips. Part boil in salt water and olive oil. Once the water is drained, toss the chips in melted butter and sprinkle with salt. Put them in the oven until crispy. Cover your steak with salt and pepper and cook on each side until perfect to your taste. Once finished, leave on a plate to rest for 2 or 3 minutes. This is the best bit- layer your Paleta Iberica Cebo De Campo over the top of your steak and place half a teaspoon of Quince Jelly on top. You have the rich steak contrasting with the salty ham & sweet Quince. It is beautiful.

Tomato Bread & Olive Oil 

This is a true classic. Especially in Barcelona, this is maybe the most popular way to enjoy Jamon. Although this is simple, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t spectacular. Simply get yourself some really good fresh bread, puree some tomato and spread on the bread before a drizzling of extra virgin olive oil. All it needs now is a sprinkle of sea salt and freshly sliced Jabugo Jamon Iberico on the side. One after the other this is absolute perfection and a great idea when entertaining guests.

5 best ways to enjoy jamon iberico


5 best ways to enjoy jamon ibericoWhen you think of ways to make the humble Spanish Bocadillo even more amazing the thing that comes to mind is Jamon! Oh mama! All you need is a fresh lightly toasted baguette or sliced bread, some tomato spread, olive oil, salt and Paleta Iberica Cebo de Campo. The sweet and soft bread contrasts with the rich and chewy Jamon perfectly. One of these with a nice cup of Coffee in the sunshine is an indulgent treat to remedy all your problems. For that extra little bit of pleasure, I personally love some Manchego cheese in my Bocadillo.

In Good Company

When something happens in life, no matter how good it is, there is no better feeling than to share it with your friends and loved ones. Enjoying in good company is absolutely the most important way to experience Jamon. Whether you and your friends order a whole leg and slice it together or get a couple of good Spanish beers in and have the hand carved Jamon with bread, is the sharing of the experience that makes Jamon special.

I Feel Like Eating Jamon Now, Don’t You?

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5 best ways to enjoy jamon iberico